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pomegranate hits the salad bowl

Le 18 mai 2016, 11:30 dans Humeurs 0

Malaysians are a darn lucky lot with the numerous holidays peppered all throughout the year. And the best thing about holidays is the parties! This Deepavali, we decided to get together to cook up a feast with all our Le Creuset tableware, all in different colours - orange, blue and even purple!

Like all get togethers, it is more fun when everyone works together. Take for instance, this glorious burst of colour in a salad. It's a simple one but darn tasty just tossed together - spinach leaves topped with freshly cut mangoes, avocados and the ruby red jewel-like pomegranates. The best way to extract those glistening red jewels is to cut them into half and whack the back hard with a wooden spoon. Expect a satisfying clunk, as each pomegranate hits the salad bowl.

As we all worked, we nibbled on smoked salmon on toast bread. There's all kind of dips - wasabi, chives and a capers and dill one that keeps our tummies happy as we work on lunch.

Soon lunch is ready to serve as delicious things pop out from the oven. First, there's roasted duck confit legs with mushrooms made by K, and a delicious roast thyme and garlic chicken from WP. Both in Le Creuset pots of course. I covet the light blue Le Creuset casserole!

Elvis Aaron Presley wasn't born a king. In fact,

Le 18 mai 2015, 10:53 dans Humeurs 0

 in the hearts of tens of thousands showing their tender love for the King on the 25th anniversary of his death. Refusing to let go of fond memories, fans are once again flocking to Graceland, Elvis-- white- columned Memphis mansion. This annual event is fabric labels .

Feeling lik of mourning is hardly a somber affair. In fact, it includes all kinds of parties, concerts, and memorials. The highlight, however, is a candlelight vigil involving more than 10, 000 fans from all over the world. In twos and threes, they walk up to the small poolside garden where Elvis is buried. The King of Rock 'n' Roll' may be dead, but for these devotees, he is never truly gone Ergonomic Chair.

 he grew up dirt-poor in rural Tennessee. Legend has it that Elvis was working as a truck driver in Memphis when he made his first recording: a belated birthday gift for his mother. Later, when Sun voice, he thought he had finally found what he had been looking for--a white man who sounded black. Phillips boasted that with Elvis on his label, he would make a million dollars.

 backed by another guitar and a stand-up  famous for: blues, country songs, and gospel hymns. It was a long way from the white jumpsuits and Las Vegas-style concerts everyone now associates with Elvis. But those early recordings helped define the kind of music that the world now knows as Rock 'n' Roll Day Trip to Hong Kong & Macau.


if you have not already done so

Le 22 janvier 2015, 09:50 dans Humeurs 0


As a former FOP (a.k.a. Fresh off the plane), I am always excited when a new & interesting word, THAT I CAN ACTUALLY USE, comes my way. Surely, I learn new words quite often, but they are not ones that I ought to use in a conversation. Case in point, I have learnt the word ‘egregious’ for quite some time now, buthong thai travelwho would use that word in a conversation with another human being (except, perhaps my smarty-pants but loveable husband)?!?!

The word I was excited about was pescetarian. I don’t know why I didn’t come across this word before, especially since I AM a food blogger. Anyway I heard about it for the first time, 2 weeks ago, from Alanna when she organised the potluck for all of us, Sarah, Ana, Erika, Lukas & me, to meet and mingle at her lovely place. She mentioned that word in her e-mail, and I was dumbfounded that I had not heard about it until then. How can that be?!?!  How hong thai travelcan that be?!?! By the way, you might want to check out their wonderful blogs if you have not already done so.

I assure you these recipes are as easy as they are going to get. And it’s true mussels are so easy to clean; you can follow the link below to see how. For some of you who are gluten intolerance, I hong thai travelam so sorry to tell you that I can only serve you one recipe. Thai-inspired spicy mussels soup is not gluten-free, unless you can find gluten-free chill paste, but it’s my favourite :)


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