As a former FOP (a.k.a. Fresh off the plane), I am always excited when a new & interesting word, THAT I CAN ACTUALLY USE, comes my way. Surely, I learn new words quite often, but they are not ones that I ought to use in a conversation. Case in point, I have learnt the word ‘egregious’ for quite some time now, buthong thai travelwho would use that word in a conversation with another human being (except, perhaps my smarty-pants but loveable husband)?!?!

The word I was excited about was pescetarian. I don’t know why I didn’t come across this word before, especially since I AM a food blogger. Anyway I heard about it for the first time, 2 weeks ago, from Alanna when she organised the potluck for all of us, Sarah, Ana, Erika, Lukas & me, to meet and mingle at her lovely place. She mentioned that word in her e-mail, and I was dumbfounded that I had not heard about it until then. How can that be?!?!  How hong thai travelcan that be?!?! By the way, you might want to check out their wonderful blogs if you have not already done so.

I assure you these recipes are as easy as they are going to get. And it’s true mussels are so easy to clean; you can follow the link below to see how. For some of you who are gluten intolerance, I hong thai travelam so sorry to tell you that I can only serve you one recipe. Thai-inspired spicy mussels soup is not gluten-free, unless you can find gluten-free chill paste, but it’s my favourite :)